Tuesday, December 14, 2004

At last, a lead!

I applied for a job at Derby Hospital back in September, heard nothing for about a month, until I called them and was told they'd be short-listing soon. When I again heard nothing, I assumed I had been unsuccessful. It now turns out that this was partially true.

Charlotte got a random phone call yesterday afternoon at home from a bloke in Derby, so she phoned me, and I (obviously) called him straight back. It turns out that they were wanting two people, one at the upper end of the band, and one lower down, but didn't get anyone suitable with the right training background. I presume that it's taken this long to get permission to employ someone on a training grade, so they called me.

I'm going for an informal chat, and visit on Thursday afternoon, where hopefully, they'll explain what they're after, and I'll explain what I'm after, and we'll meet in the middle somewhere.



At 16 December, 2004 20:50, Blogger Mad said...

Derby, eh?! Hope it goes well :-)


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