Monday, November 01, 2004

First Week

I'm now embarking upon my second week here, and so-far-so-good :-) It's just a shame that it's not a relevant permanent job :-(

The weekend was OK, Saturday afternoon was spent 'refreshing' my first aid knowledge so that I can be a proper Explorer leader, while Sunday afternoon was spent trecking around the woods near the Rivelin Dams trying to find some more geocaches. Unfortunately, we had to return with two 'Did Not Finds' as we don't have a GPS machine yet, so couldn't tell if we were in exactly the right place. We could fix our position using map, compas and surroundings to around 50m, but when you're on the edge of a wood with heather on the ground, and the clue is 'Under a tree beneath the heather' this location wasn't good enough :-(

Note-to-self: Must tell people we want a GPS for Christmas!


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