Monday, October 18, 2004

Happy Hols

We had a great week away on the boat. It didn't rain too much, but when it did during the day, it didn't really matter as I was at the helm, and had the fire lit in the boatmans cabin, and the doors closed round me, and the sliding bit of the roof closed right up to me, so my legs were toasty warm! C had the fire in the lounge going hell-for-leather all week, but that was mainly due to the fact that the air control is borken, so it always has a plentiful supply of air for the combusion process!

Daisy was a bit nervous at first, particularly of the engine when it was running, but soon settled in. By the end of the week she was jumping off the boat when it was still moveing, but not jumping on. Never mind, anything is good for her first week, particularly as she didn't go swimming!!!

We also found three caches near the canal (see for details) during the week, although there was one that proved quite difficult to find as we were using only a map and romer scale, rather than a GPS receiver. I think a GPS is going on our Christmas wish-list! I quite like Geocaching as it gives what could just be a random walk in the country (or city) a purpose.

Must go and do some work now - more later possibly.


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