Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Aarrggh! Our Bl**&y dog has started taking liberties! She's worked out how to get over/under the gate at the bottom of the stairs and decided last night that the sofa was a much better place to sleep than her designated be in the hall-way! She's left a whole host of hairs and doggy slobber all over it :-( Couple this with the fact that her breath smells at the moment, and I'm not a happy chappy with a best friend! C is too besotted to be angry with her.

Also, over the weekend, she left a rather large 'deposit' on the lounge crapet over saturday night for me to find when I came down for breakfast on Sunday.

I'm still temping and am bored brainless during the day. Hey-ho, we're off on the boat for a week from Saturday. We three (Me, C & the Mutt) may see some of you at the SAGGA Theme W/e during Saturday, but won't be staying over night.


At 06 October, 2004 11:48, Blogger Caz said...

Has she seen the film of Red the dog @ Battersea? Is that where her escape plans have come from?


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