Monday, February 09, 2004

I 'spose I'd better bring you up to date...

Thursday afternoon followed thursday morning (bowling with course-mates followed lots of very compicated lectures!)

Friday was a day off lectures and all types of University work, instead I was at home for the day putting up shelves in the new(ish) wardrobes and hanging a bike-rack in the garage (ooh, the excitement!)

Next the weekend happened:
Saturday lunch/afternoon was spent being blown around the Albert docks in Liverpool where we tried to appear cultured by having a look around the Liverpool Tate (it was warm in there, and very cold & very windy outside you see!). A return was made to a liverpool suburb to enjoy many a pancake with other like-minded SAGGA types. Saturday night we spent in northern Manchester with G&K and a couple of mad kids!

I got my steam-train fix on Sunday when we went out for lunch in a garden centre cafe not far from the East-Lancs railway. I was able to explain in great detail to the kids how a steam engine works had they been interested, as it was, they survived with me saying it's a bit like a big kettle with a whistle and wheels!!!

On our return from said lancashire hills, a detour was made to Skipton to see S,R&M. Molly was as cute as ever (or so I'm lead to believe!).

Anyway, must go for today (back tomorrow pro'lly) as it's nearly time to go and meet Charlotte from work.


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