Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Now that I've got it all set up, lets get on with the real purpose...

Today I've mostly been feeling quite tired, for no particular reason. Started the day with two lectures on Module E, which is to do with Physiological measurement. Followed by an extended lunch from 11:30 to 2:00pm with the group of us sat in the hospital canteen talking about anything, everything and not very much at all.

Topics included - how old were you when you had "that chat" with your parents? What were your most memorable Chemistry/Physics lessons (Most peoples seem to revolve around an experiment going wrong when 'Sir' demonstrated it!

I've just got back from the most mind-numbingly boring session watching a demonstration in the Audiology dept.

In case you were wondering why this has just appeared, I was inspired by a Mad one, We'll just have to wait and see if I keep being enthused!


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