Friday, October 01, 2004

Oh what a glorious morning

Oh what a glorious day... Well, it was until it started to cloud over :-( I actually enjoyed my cycle into work this morning :-)

Looking forward to the weekend - we're meeting up with Hugh & Jo and Nicola and Rich (C's friends from NSGSO etc) on Saturday, and it was only organised a few days ago! With all of us, weekends are normally booked up weeks, if not months in advance. We're meeting Hugh & Jo in Youlgreave for an afternoon walk with Daisy our Border Collie*.

* - We've had Daisy for two weeks now and got her from a rescue centre. She's lovely, calm and placid.


At 05 October, 2004 14:17, Blogger Amy said...

Whats Hugh's new bird like?

At 05 October, 2004 14:52, Blogger DaveP said...

Nice enough. He met her at work, she's also something to do with accounts/finance in Pilks IIRC.


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