Monday, November 08, 2004


Why am I stuck in a b£**&y temping job, and why does nobody want to employ me in a 'real' job with long term prospects, security, decent paid holiday, decent pension provisions, etc etc. The only thing decent about what I'm doing at the moment is that it gives me SOME money (not enough), it's in a warm office and they're decent people I'm currently working with. Only trouble is, is that I may not be here for long and I'll have to change jobs again :-(

I've got an MSc, what am I doing wrong on my application forms? What jobs should I be looking for, if I'm looking at the wrong ones? Where can I find out if there's any PhD's available? What else can I do?


At 08 November, 2004 23:12, Blogger Amy said...

Atleast you have a job. My prospects are bleak and I haven't even managed to graduate yet!


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