Friday, November 05, 2004

Last night

Went to see the Corrs last night at the Sheffield Arena. The first warm-up act (Mark Joseph IIRC) was a lone man with a guitar, playing to about 1/4 capacity, but apparently normally has a band on his album. He was OK. The second support act was a band from Poland called Myslovitz. Neither me, nor Charlotte thought much of them, and couldn't spot how the fitted in with the Corrs' music! The Corrs themselves were fantastic, although they took a while to get the crowd going. Once they got going though, it was really good. They were on stage for nearly two hours, which I thought was good. Some bands I tech'd for when I was at Bath were only on for around 45 - 60 mins (the ones who thought they were bigger than they were, were the worst culprits!)

It ended up that we didn't get home 'till around midnight, so we're both quite tired today.

We're off to Newcastle this evening for the weekend to see my in-laws, and they'll meet Daisy for the first time... Talking of Daisy, C took her to a doggy beauty parlour yesterday, so she now looks quite a bit better than she did! She's got rid of all the scraggy bit of matted fur around her rear quarters, and hopefully they now won't get poo stuck to her!

Must go, as my hot pork sandwich has just been delivered to my desk...


At 10 November, 2004 11:15, Blogger Amy said...

I just read the Corrs review in todays Guardian, they don't seem to have lost anything!


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