Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Warning - Rant approaching!
  1. Why, in an office that produces SO MUCH paper, is there no recycling facilities (see previous post about the state of the environments!)
  2. Why, after paying £3840 for my master last year, am I pulling paper out of lever arch files and binning it in between drinking copious quantities of tea?

AND - why is everyone getting all 'festive' already - Christmas is still over two weeks away!

Also, Why does the word 'Christmas' so often get shortened to 'xmas'? I REALLY hate it when it does. To me, it totally removes the whole meaning of this time of year as a celebration of the birth of a baby boy over 2000 years ago.

I think that's all for the moment!


At 08 December, 2004 14:06, Blogger Caz said...

Working in a environment dominated by males (although the female count has risen of late due to admin staff increase) the C work is banned before December and just about tolerated by now mainly due to nagging pressure from wives! Mind our decs when up yesterday, done by the female office junior (its the youth... we're all a bah humbug). The sections round here compete to be the LAST to put them up!

At 08 December, 2004 19:49, Blogger Amy said...

Why don't you set up a paper recyling bin. I have managed to convert two none recyclers into recycling paper and glass. As long as your willing to take the paper to the paper bank (or put it out if the council collects) the people in the office should be easy to convert...

At least your masters has earnt you an office job, me brother with is history degree is working in KFC (he is moving home as he can't cope).

At 09 December, 2004 20:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm only paying £3,000 for my masters, but I guess that's what you get when you go to a dodgy ex-poly.

At 10 December, 2004 08:38, Blogger Caz said...

Tom ... It's not a dodgy ex-poly thank you very much (you red brick snob ;)), we were one of the leading Polys before we became a Uni (in 1992).
Besides if Tom doesn't have a 'proper' job after his masters he'll be working at Asda (unless he can go a bit posher at Waitrose .. home of vile uniforms!), from the breadwinner of his household!

At 10 December, 2004 12:36, Blogger DaveP said...

It depends what coures you're doing - mine (a practical science/engineering one) was more expensive than "Office" based (& purely theoretical) ones. IIRC these were in the £3k bracket.


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