Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Paper paper everywhere!

I've just spent the last three hours almost exclusively stood, paying homage to the god that is the office copier! Add this to the hours I've been there for the last few days as well, and the 8 reams of paper I've fed in to it, and I'm still not finished!

Wouldn't life be much better if we weren't inspected! The bit of the College I'm currently work for is about Work Based Learning and Apprenticeships. There's an inspection next week, and there's still a large pile of documents that need copying and distributing before then!

To try and save another amazonian rainforest, I've used back-to-back copying where possible, but 8 reams of paper (4000 sheets) is still absolutely ridiculous, then take in to account, that most of the docs are on the computer system, printed and distributed originally, and they're duplicated now 'for the inspectors' and you wonder why the planet is in the mess it is!!!!!


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