Monday, November 15, 2004


The weekend was spent mostly being educated. That's being taught how to be an Explorer Leader (at long last!). It involved an early start on Saturday (arrive @Hesley Wood for 8.30am) followed by being talked at all morning. another couple of modules in the afternoon - one of which involved building towers with wooden blocks! and another unit after dinner on Sat evening. We eventually got to the bar at 9:30pm! Sunday was similar with an 8:00 breakfast and 4:30 finish.

We've got the same this weekend coming, except that it's a friday evening start. After that, all I have to do, is the module validation, and (except for Nights away) I'll nearly have my wood badge I think!


At 15 November, 2004 17:29, Blogger Mad said...

Wood badge? I can make you some beads on string if they won't present it after all that lot... keeping you from the bar until 9.30pm, indeed! :-)

At 16 November, 2004 14:52, Blogger Caz said...

But why is it called a Wood Badge when in fact its a Wood Necklace?
Hmm suppose it better than the 2 bits of A6 card we get for the Guide version.

At 17 November, 2004 12:55, Blogger DaveP said...

We get that as well as the necklace!


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