Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It's been a while, things have changed for me, and we've been away on the boat.

Firstly, I'm looking for a job again, the one I had at the University was only ever a 1yr fixed term contract, and was never going to be extended beyond it original end date of 31 March. So, I'm again looking for suitable employment. Ideally I would like to work in the evaluation of Medical Technologies in/around Sheffield, or Yorkshire in general, however, I'm looking much wider than that.

Over the Easter weekend, once we had finished the children's activities at Church on Good Friday we packed up and went to the boat for the weekend. It's now moored near Skipton, close to SRM&C, and even closer to C's parents, so we took the opportunity to visit and get fed by them on Friday afternoon! On Sunday, SRM&C came to visit and by the end of the day, Molly was reasonably happy with Daisy, and I even got a kiss goodbye - I think it's the first time! On Monday the Wright family came to visit us in the morning, and they were able to help us down the locks at Gargrave during the morning before catching the train home again from Skipton.

We're also looking to change our car at the moment, and we've fallen out with the local Reg Vardy, and since it's attached to a Citroen dealer, it's no surprise!


At 21 April, 2007 10:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck in finding some more work, I know how frustrating it can be lurching from contract to contract; and then the dealings with the DSS etc.. argh. If not Medical Technologies, what else do you think you'd want to do... Will keep half an eye out



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