Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lateral Thinking

(Apologies, this has been grabbed from another location - credit given in a while when I post the answer)

Add the pence - two pounds, 25p, £1.47, 16p, fifty pence.
(Clue, it's not 438)

Answers in the comments please

The official answer is 506 from ITV, and here's how to fudge it (credit BBC Magazine Monitor that also show some other answsers and explanations)

first add everything. 200 + 25 + 147 + 16 + 50 = 438.

Now add the other sums which are visible. 5p (from the 25p) + 47p (from £1.47) + 7p (again from £1.47 [very tenuous!]) + 6p = 65p

Therefore 438 + 65 = 503.

Now add the 'p' from 25p and 16p and also the 'pence' from 50 pence giving an extra 3p.

Therefore 503 + 3 = 506p.

Although I like the approximation argument at the end of MM using 2lb of (new) pennies.


At 13 March, 2007 15:10, Blogger Simon said...

138 or 50

At 13 March, 2007 22:18, Anonymous Tom said...

I'd go for 138, as there's only one actual "pence" value and hence nothing else to add it to.

At 21 March, 2007 16:01, Blogger Simon said...

This must be ITV play related.

Shamedly I waited up to see the solution to one of those (on ftn's equivalent), only to find the puzzle still running days later.


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