Monday, September 04, 2006

Chatsworth Country Fair

As a Venture Scout, our group used to go to the Chatsworth Country Fair and be rubbish collectors for the weekend* (older sections) or sell programmes (younger sections and parents) as the main fund-raising activity for the year. Although some may find it hard to believe, although it was hard work, it was great fun - like being on the bog-squad at a large camp! It was good to see that they're still there.

We've not been to the Country Fair since we moved to Sheffield, despite me saying every year that I'd like to go again, however this year we did manage to get the date in the diary and go this weekend. As you may remember, Saturday had lots of rain and Sunday was quite nice. I'll let you guess which days we chose to go but I'll give you a hint that Daisy is booked into "Minging Mutts**" on Friday to be professionally cleaned!!!

The fair was good, lots of food stalls, rural crafts stalls, displays, fly-fishing demos, sheep-dog trials, gun-dog demos etc, in fact anything that could be related to being in the country.

* - Before Proof-reading, this sentence read " rubbish for the weekend..." This could also be an apt description of Venture Scouts faced with work to do!

** - Yes, there really is a doggy-beauty parlour called Minging Mutts in Stocksbridge, near Sheffield.


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