Monday, June 12, 2006

Clarification of previous rant & Weekend news

To follow-up my previous post, while I'm indifferent about the actual
game of football, it's all the hype in the media that I absolutle
loathe! If they reported the facts of a match once it was over, that
would be OK, but reporting on all the build-up hype, the various
'what-if' scenarios, predications of various things and following a
select bunch of 'fans' as they travel round Germany/Europe in their
camper-van is all far too much! on BBC breakfast this morning, they
even had a reporter in a vineyard trying some of the local wines at
8:00am! STOP IT!

On a lighter note, we spent most of the weekend sorting out our sorry
little garden. It's only 6m x 6m and we struggle to keep it from
looking awful, and the grass tends to get treated to a cut about every
2-3 weeks! We managed to spend £80+ in the garden centre on Saturday
afternoon (lovely and quiet - wonder why?) on what we hope will be
low-maintenance plants and shrubs. We'll just have to see how they
take in our North-facing, damp, shaded garden.


At 12 June, 2006 15:26, Anonymous Tom said...

Aye; all I want to know is the score.


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