Friday, March 10, 2006

Warmth returns

Warmth has now returned to our house. The boiler conked out on Tuesday, the gas man came ot look at it at 7:30am Weds morning (as planned and on-time) and diagnosed the fault as a broken fan. He couldn't get the part until yesterday morning, came to fit it at 2:00 yesterday afternoon. He was there waiting for me as I got home from work at 1:45, and fitted it in about 3/4 hour.

He came as a recommendation from (the partner of) someone at C's work, and would recommend him. He's based out towards Worksop, but does a lot of his work in/around Sheffield I think.

I've seen advertised (admittedly by British Gas, in an advert for their central heating cover at £18ish/month) that a replacement fan can be £200+. Our gas man charged £172 total.


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