Friday, February 17, 2006

Weddings in May

We've now received two invitations for weddings in May, on different weekends thankfully and they are going to be two completely different beasts!

The paperwork that arrived with one of them states "The bride & groom respectfully request that ladies attending the church service wear a hat, or similar headwear" and one of them states the rules are "No Faff, No Poncing, Have Fun".

One of them, will be serving bangers & mash, the other will be a 4-course formal wedding breakfast.

One is having a ceilidh, the other a band/disco kind of thing.

I think the only things that will be common between them will be us as guests, and a marriage ceremony.

Having said all that, all weddings are (or should be) unique and memorbale for the couple at the centre of each one, and doing what they want to do on the day.


At 18 February, 2006 21:39, Blogger Amy said...

I have two such contrasting wedding invotations for may too...


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