Thursday, December 22, 2005


Yesterday, after more than two years of cycling 2 miles each way to the tram for work each and every day, almost whatever the weather, I've been SMIDSY'd (that's Sorry Mate, I Didn't See You). I'm OK, a bit of an achey shoulder, and some bumps and scrapes on my hands, but apart from that I'm fine. I didn't hit my head on anything, so I didn't get any sense knocked out of (or in to) me.

Someone (I've got his name and other details) turned left in front of me without indicating, and I had no choice but to end up in a heap on the road! I can't remeber if I'd jammed on the brakes so hard that I went over my own front wheel, or whether I went over his bonnet, but the bike's not been bent, and it wasn't a hard crash, so there's no lasting damage to anything as far as I can work out. I have however had yesterday and today off work with the associated aches and pains.

Happy Christmas one and all, and have a great New Year.


At 23 December, 2005 12:46, Blogger notquiteginger said...

pants - hope the aches stop soon. have a good christmas! xx

At 24 December, 2005 08:59, Blogger Mad said...

Pah - not the sort of Christmas present you're after! :-( Have a lovely one, and pass our love to C and D, plus the little squeakers. Mad xxx

At 24 December, 2005 10:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Never quite got that, cycling all over the place - erm the country, rather than weaving al over the road, I mean. More the "gerrof my road" shake fist blast on the horn, although I was nearly squezed off the road once in Oxford (thought they of all places would be used to cyclists) by a bus. Hope all heals well and that there's no lasting damage, physical, mental or otherwise. All the best for Christmas and New Year.


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