Monday, November 14, 2005

My lips hurt!

What a hectic weekend! The majority of it was taken up with gigs with the band (Barnsley Co-operative Concert Band, playing alongside a very talented organist and a multi-instrumentalist at the Penistone Paramount Theatre), plus the rememberance service with Scouts/Explorers on Sunday morning.

Friday evening: Very long gig-7:30 curatin, we started at about 8.15 after the organist and the instrumentalist had done a turn, and eventually left the theatre at 10.45pm!
Saturday afternoon: slightly shorter gig (but not very much!)
Saturday evening: another long gig, although we did get away a bit earlier than friday night!
Sunday morning: Rememberance service at Wadsley Church with our Scout Group.
Sunday afternoon: Another gig
Sunday evening: A meal out and a pile of ironing!

All that playing has left my lips/mouth/jaw aching a bit and my Sax wondering what's hit it!


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