Thursday, July 06, 2006

Restoration advice required

I've been "appointed" as the Quatermaster for our scout group and I'm currently restoring a pile of things that burn liquid fueld, including Tilley lamps (and similar) and pressure-stoves.

I've got one of the Tilleys working well, but the other one is proving quite difficult. I've cleaned out the burner head, replaced all the seals and washers I can find. The vaporiser has it's pricker up the middle, as it should, which is activated by the valve. Performing a "wet-test" yields a nice jet out of the top of the vaporiser. However, when I put it all together, with a mantle (the correct one, bought direct from Tilley), it does light, but the light given off by it is very, very poor. (think single candle, vs 100W light-bulb!)

A wet-test is pressurising the fount, wih fuel in, valve and vaporiser in place and checking the jet.

I don't know what else to try, and I can't find ANY advice on the internet anywhere. Someone must have published a guide to restoring Tilleys??!!

Anyone got any suggestions?

Also, where do I start with restoring the primus/optimus liquid-fuel stoves? From some research I've done so far, there are some paraffin-burners and some petrol-burners, some pumped-pressure, and some heat-expands-the-fuel-and-pressurises-it-that-way stoves. Advice is also sought on these, at least one of which will come to Sweden in a couple of weeks time.


At 06 July, 2006 15:12, Anonymous Tom said...

Are you aware of newsgroups? If you don't have a news-reader program (I use Mozilla, or the Thunderbird bit), you can use Google, but I imagine if you posted your question uk.rec.scouting they'd be people there that could offer some useful advice.


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