Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Practical Joking for the middle-aged

We went to Rich & Nicola's wedding at the weekend, near Bristol. These are friends of C from the National Scout and Guide Symphony Orchestra (NSGSO), there were several other friends there that we've not seen for ages. HM (most of you know him) regressed a few years, to the level of practical joking that used to occur during the annual NSGSO courses, and much hilarity was created in not only talking about the old pranks, but recreating them in the bridal suite.

Those involved will understand ironing board, traffic cones and upside-down furniture (all originally occured in separate years) . Those that weren't, can always ask!

Anyway, during the course of the evening, numerous props were liberated from their original position, and found their way into the bridal suite, however (here comes the middle-aged bit) the ironing board was not moved until late into the evening, so that it would not be required again that day and the traffic cone, having sat outside and was wet and muddy, was brought in, and sat on a piece of paper so that it didn't mark the carpet.

In the morning, once the props had been appreciated by the couple, they were returned to their original positions and uses.

All in all, it was a great weekend, with plenty of chance for catching up. We also managed to get in a quick trip into Bath, for old times sake!


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