Monday, November 27, 2006

SMIDSY'd (again)

Some of you may remeber that I was SMIDSY'd (Sorry Mate, I Didn't See You) last December. I was 'got' again last week, this time I was on the scooter.

Travelling along (at around 20mph) a city dual carriageway (30 limit IIRC), I was in the right-hand lane (moderately clear) passing a moving queue of cars in the left lane, and a woman pulled out, into the side of me withy minimal indication and observation, and hence I ended up in a heap on the floor in the middle of a (now busy) road. No serious damage to the bike (mirror broken off, and probably steering squashed off-line) and some nerve- or tendon-based shoulder pains, but nothing broken fortunately.

As a motorcyclist, while I'm driving the car, I'm much more aware of where a motorbike could be, and I now sub-conciously think to myself "have you seen a bike? Are you sure you've not seen a bike?" and I tend to be much more aware of other road users than I ever was before.

Also, I was quite heartened by the number of people that appeared on the scene offering to help. Amongst others, there was a doctor, a salesman from Reg Vardy came and offered to store the bike overnight for me, and several others tried calling for an ambulance/police. The ambulance people were quite good, and the staff at A&E were great (generally!) My faith in humanity has been restored!


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