Monday, December 20, 2004

Excursion to Derby

Well, there would have been more, if I hadn't have gone out for Christmas lunch with the office...

Thursday afternoon was quite a useful trip to the Derby Royal Infirmary, Radiotherapy Physics depertment. There is a lower-grade position available, but the section head doesn't know if he has to formally advertise it, and accept new applicaitons, or whether he can appoint from the 'left-overs' from a previous advert (i.e. me and one other!)

It sounds like a good job, and quite interesting. A radiotherapy physicist can get directly involved with patient treatment planning, discussions with doctors about treatment regimes, dose rates, regions of interest and regions to avoid (e.g. eyes, spinal cord etc) along with QA of the linacs*

I (just) have to keep an eye out for the advert, or badger him occasionally.

* - Linac = Linear Accelerator = radiotherapy machines.


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