Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The benefits of owning your own home (??!!!)

I have just spen the last 2 hours (finishing at 10:00) crawling around
on my hands-and-knees round the back of the washing machine, trying to
fix a leak, assess the damage and mop up. Water wasn't seeping from
the machine itself, but from the tap on the wall. Replacing the washer
didn't cure it first off, and I thought I'd have to change the whole
tap thing, but a call to my Dad and he suggested attacking the hose
end with a spanner or a mole-grip. This seemed to stop the drips, but
I'll wait and see if the floors dry out, or whether I need to get the
insurance involved to pull it up, dry it properley and re-lay it. FYI,
we've got ceramic tiles on the floor of the utility room, but the
water seems to have got around the edges of them and is creeping up
the corners of the walls. :-(


At 27 July, 2005 09:53, Blogger Mad said...

Perhaps I should postpone the purchase of my own house for a while longer... I've certainly not got the skills (nor the molegrips!) to deal with something like that! :-) Hope it dries up ok.


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