Monday, May 16, 2005

New Computer

Have just bought a new computer from "The Computer Shop" near Meadowhall - It's part of the Tiny empire, and Tiny PCs scored reasonably highly in a magazine review I read of cheaper PCs. I got it home and after a lot of piddling about (and getting an IT friend of mine to help) discovered that the modem had been locked to their Supanet ISP and refused to dial any other phone number at all. After a bit of digging around on the internet I found that they claim it's "optimised" to eliminate the risks posed from rogue diallers, however I did find a small program to "de-optimise" the modem. However, the slowness of dial-up will soon be a thing of the past for us at home as I've just ordered 2meg broadband from (my normal ISP) for £18/m. In just short of 2 weeks time, I will be swishingalong the information super-highway at lightning fast speeds!


At 16 May, 2005 11:44, Blogger Mad said...

Pah! "Optimised" my bottom. Sounds like a con to trick old grannies who have no clue about t'internet. 2meg broadband sounds fun...! :-)


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