Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Camp Water Heater

This is a basic diagram of it, the fire is represented by the big arrow at the bottom with a copper tube attached to the underneath of the grill, this is connected to a header tank by a length of flexible pipe. The tank is arranged so that you have to pour water in the funnel so that you get water out of the tube near the top.

Camp Water Heater Posted by Hello


At 12 May, 2005 08:04, Anonymous Tom said...

How well insulated is it all?

At 12 May, 2005 11:53, Blogger DaveP said...

It's not at the moment. If the water gets warm, than I may think about some form of insulation.

This is mark 1 and is built more for proof-of-concept rather than anything else! If it looks as though it's going to work well, a mark 2 will follow, mainly with an improved heat exchanger over the fire!


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