Monday, May 09, 2005

Camp fire water heater

Has anyone created a water heater that uses the camp fire in such a
way the you can still use the fire for cooking?

I've seen one that's a converted beer barrel that sits over the fire
on a frame and one that sits over the end of a fire, but not one that
works on the same principle as a domestic hot water boiler - i.e. a
heat exchanger over the fire (attached underneath the grate that the
pans go on) and using simple convection currents heats the water in a
header tank.

I'm trying to create one over the next couple of weeks with my
Explorers. I will try and create a diagram to post and/or a picture of
the finished product.


At 09 May, 2005 19:33, Blogger Amy said...

I will ask me dad for you Dave. That sort of thing interests him...

At 09 May, 2005 20:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about a tank that sits in the bottom of a half drum, and you build the fire on top of it? - Tom

At 10 May, 2005 07:50, Blogger DaveP said...

I'm not sure if we'll get chance to test it during explorers, so I may bring it to SAGGA camp in the summer if there's space


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